What you need to know

We talk every day with prospective clients who are doing their due diligence to find the right turnkey provider for their goals. We encourage this due diligence because we believe it’s vital for real estate investors to build teams of partners they trust and who fit their goals, investing philosophies, and expectations.

One thing we’ve discovered during these conversations is some confusion around the differences between a turnkey aggregator and a full-service turnkey provider. Though both may call themselves turnkey providers, they are different, and understanding the differences is important. In this post, we’ll discuss the differences between the two and the benefits of working with each.

What is a Turnkey Aggregator?

Turnkey aggregators are companies that sell other people’s properties. They are not involved in the actual purchasing and renovation of the properties, but instead market the properties their partners provide. Many aggregators have multiple relationships in multiple markets, so they’re able to offer a variety of properties in a variety of areas with a variety of finishes. While this is a benefit, it’s also something to be aware of. An aggregator’s goal is to find great partners to work with, but they aren’t responsible for anything related to the property itself. While they’ll be able to get you the information about the properties, they don’t have influence over the quality of the renovation and the condition of the end product.  

If you’re working with a turnkey aggregator, we recommend you ask questions around these areas in particular. 

  • Who is renovating the property? 
  • To what standard are they renovating that property? 
  • What guarantees do they offer around their renovation work?

What is a full-service Turnkey Provider?

A full-service turnkey provider does the buying, renovating, and selling of the properties themselves. They control the level at which a property is rehabbed because their team is physically involved in the construction process. A full-service turnkey provider should be able to give you specifics about the renovation and stand behind the quality of their work. 

For reference, Bridge is a full-service turnkey provider. We buy, renovate, and sell the properties all within our own team. This gives our team the authority to set the standard of quality on our renovations, uphold that quality, and even bring in a third-party inspector to double-check us on it and provide a report of any remaining issues we still need to address for our clients–all before they take over ownership.

Why does this matter?

At the heart of Bridge Turnkey, we want to build bridges to wealth and freedom through real estate. Because of this, we recognize that sometimes we won’t be the right partner for a client. We hope that by giving more information and transparency around the turnkey space, we are helping investors understand what questions to ask in order to identify the best partner for their goals. We have seen and experienced the power of real estate in our own lives, and we want you to have the same benefit. Who you choose to work with matters. We want you to find the right partner, and understanding this distinction between turnkey aggregators and full-service turnkey providers will help you choose.

If you have any questions about our process and standards at Bridge Turnkey, please fill out our Discovery Form and set up a call with a Client Advisor to learn more.

Image from rawpixel.com / Scott Webb