Last week's stock market crash

You don’t have to be a current events fanatic to know that big things are happening with the stock market right now. As NBC news reported on Friday, “Coronovirus panic sent world share markets crashing again on Friday, compounding their worst week since the 2008 global financial crisis and bringing the wipe out in value terms to $5 trillion.”


These developments have investors of every kind asking big questions about the safety, longevity, and returns involved in their investment vehicles. You’re probably witnessing a combination of emotionally-driven responses to the very real risks being exposed to people’s stock market investments and logic-driven responses as analysts try to figure out what’s coming next.

What does it mean for real estate?

We are not immune to these same responses infiltrating the real estate industry. The reality is: no matter what you’re invested in, there are ALWAYS risks. Those of us in the real estate industry are well aware that the real estate market carries risks and experiences fluctuations, just like the stock market carries risks and experiences fluctuates. We’ve seen this take place. We’ve lived it, and we’ve lived to tell about it. Though we hope it never happens to the same extent in real estate again, we’d be wrong to convince ourselves that fluctuations won’t happen at all. 


That said, unlike the stock market, no matter what happens with the real estate market, our message about how to approach this investment never changes: you need to take control of your own destiny. You need to figure out what goal you’re trying to accomplish with your investments and then take intentional, focused action steps toward achieving that goal. And the best part? Real estate actually allows you to do that.

So, what next?

Current market conditions plus historically low interest rates and all the regular benefits to owning real estate mean a lot of people are evaluating our industry and investments right now. You can get a property loan today with an interest rate you couldn’t get even six months ago. As far as we’re concerned, if you’ve even thought about building wealth through real estate, now is the time to get in the game.


At Bridge, we’re about that slow, steady, long-term approach to building wealth.  We’re about putting our money in investments we can control and that have a track record of steady appreciation, benefits of tenant-mortgage pay down, and depreciation. This approach is the one we are pursuing to gain wealth as a company and the one we have our sights set on for our clients, as well. 


If this resonates with you, and you want to talk further about the opportunities in real estate to build wealth and freedom, connect with our team today. We can help you create a plan to achieve your goals through real estate in any market condition.

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