Tulsa, Oklahoma Real Estate Market

We don’t expect you to be a Tulsa expert. That’s OUR job. But, we do want you to feel comfortable with the area and understand why we picked it as the market we invest in.

Tulsa offers Kansas City-like returns and steady rental demand.


Appreciation Rate


Average Monthly Rent




Single Family Homes


Median Home Value


Median Household Income


Metro Population


Annual Population Growth

Tulsa attracts young professionals who come to the city for its progressive culture, employment opportunities, and low cost of living.

Tulsa boasts much lower cost of living than other areas of the country.

Tulsa is still home to big oil money, which is the reason for and funding source behind much of the city development.

Praise for Tulsa

#6 Cities with Lowest Cost of Living in America


Top 25 Best Cities to Retire in America  


#84 Best Cities to Live in America


#86 Best Places to Raise a Family in America


Tulsa is home to major employers attracting a growing employment force.

Tulsa is a bike-friendly city with modern, outdoor shopping centers and a growing selection of local restaurants, breweries, and coffee shops. It is much like Kansas City in size, location, and ROI, and that's why we like it!

Tulsa, Oklahoma
Tulsa's BOK Center downtown.
Utica Square outdoor shopping space
Outdoor concert venue near the Arts District downtown Tulsa.
Aerial views of the Gathering Place in Tulsa. Photo by Shane Bevel
The Gathering Place. Photo by Terracon Consultants

Bridge will be building brand new, single family homes in Tulsa for our turnkey clients to own.

We love Tulsa, Oklahoma and the investment opportunities it offers to our clients. Now, you can diversify your portfolio, while still working with Bridge! Email Info@BridgeTurnkey.com for more information.